After relocating to Atlanta, the Fu brothers quickly discovered there was a limited selection of vegetarian restaurants in the city in which they could eat. They sought out to fill that void by providing Atlanta’s vegan and vegetarian community with a fully vegetarian establishment committed to serving the freshest possible ingredients and homemade preparations. Thus became Green Sprout, which showcases the versatility of meat-free cuisine within a Chinese fare while also providing a flavorable palate to satisfy even the staunchest carnivore.

In business since 2003, Green Sprout has now become a perennial favorite among Atlanta's vegetarian community because of its warm and friendly atmosphere. And due to the height of which it's raised the standards for vegetarian cuisine, the restaurant has even garnered praise among all food connoisseurs.

It's with this dedication to health and a love for comunity that Green Sprout continues their quest to make fresh, high-quality, affordable food for all.

Thank you for making Green Sprout a part of your day.